What a wonderful weekend in London, Ontario with some of the most successful musicians in Canadian History. The host, Sarah Mclaughlin, one of Canada’s most treasured voices graced the stage with elegance and poise along with many other talented musicians like our friends The Reklaws, Bulow, The Arkells, NAV, Bahamas and many others. HOLR got the chance to interview some of the performers, winners and other amazing Canadian Talent you need to be listening to right now.

; IzzyDitigal



What’s some new music you guys are listening to right now?

STU: Maggie Rogers her entire album is so good.

J: I have not stopped listening to Maren Morris Girl. She is Killing it.


How do you guys feel about being the only Country Group Performing tonight?

STU: A little bit of pressure because we are representing our genre tonight. But we’re excited- There’s a reason I think they wanted us and the song we are playing tonight will for sure get the crowd going.


; IzzyDitigal



Congrats on the nomination! Is there a reason for your Tattoo, Honey?

It’s sweet and it’s good for your throat.


Where did you get your jacket from?

This jacket was custom made by Keko Hainswheeler http://www.kekohainswheeler.com/  he designs for Nicki Minaj, Natalie Portman. It’s all hand stitched.


What are the next couple of months looking like for you?

We are making a new album working out of Toronto and LA, I’m still releasing singles on the current EP out of my label in New York.


; IzzyDitigal



Congrats on the New EP! What’s a song you love to cover?

We did a cover of Bury a Friend by Billie Eilish and we performed it at Scott Hellmans Hotel Sessions.




What was it like starting your own record label?

Menno: It’s actually very rewarding I love working with young bands especially ones who remind me of myself when I was starting out.


What’s the process of finding bands?

Menno: I dig. I definitely dig. I take all the recommendations from friends and you also know it when you see it.


; IzzyDitigal

Blake Pouliot


We love your suit this evening? Where is it from?

Its from the Alexander McQueen Winter collection. They shipped it over from London.


Are you from Toronto?

Born and raised in Toronto and I live in LA. Now I’m here to preform with Jeremy Dutcher. This is my first Juno nomination, first debut album so it’s super awesome and representing classical on the main stage tonight.


; IzzyDitigal



What would be a lyric you would never get tattooed?

There’s a really graphic Lil Wayne lyric that I want to say out loud but I can hear my mother in my mind saying “don’t say it..”


What is your favourite song to cover?

My favourite song to cover is Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash. It was the first song were I felt like it was me. I’ve been playing that on stages from Singapore to Ireland to Canada. I just love playing that song.


; IzzyDitigal



What would be one artist or band you would love to tour with?

We were lucky enough early in our career to go out on the road with the Zac Brown Band and we had such a blast with those guys. The other one is actually happening with Old Dominion. We get to go on the road with them. And the Eagles too.

; IzzyDitigal



You guys like wearing chains?

We love wearing the chains right now. It’s definitely very metal of us.


What lyric would you never get tattooed?

Carpe Diem.

I don’t think I would ever get words tattooed but I would get a non-lyrical tattoo. Fun fact, a friend of mine actually got some of my lyrics tattooed. It was a surprise and a little creepy at first but we became friends and it’s a good ending to the story.